400+ BudgieBoxes delivered and 50+ small businesses supported since April, 2020!


"My second friend got her box EARLY! and is still sending me pictures of all the things she loves. So double thank you for those amazing boxes!" - Amanda, Toronto

"Budgiebox is now my go-to gift. My clients love it!" - Mark, 38, Vancouver

"My mom was so happy and assured me she would use everything! Thanks." - Jeff, Ontario

"I felt so spoiled! What a lovely surprise!" - Andrea, Nova Scotia

"Thank you!! She LOVED it!" - Miles, BC

"Not only did you make my Birthday wonderful, but full of surprises! That was a very special present." - Jacky, Ontario

"Thank you again. She absolutely loved it." - Lorraine, BC 

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*From Instagram: "I love everything. Check out @BudgieBox.ca!"

**From Facebook: "I received a lovely package today! Thank you!"


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