What is inside a BudgieBox?
  • Our standard boxes contain 7-9 wonderful & unique products from Canadian small businesses.

  • We guarantee it will always be the same value inside. 
  • Each BudgieBox includes a beautiful local-made card. We will handwrite a personalized message from you to make it even more personal and thoughtful for them!
  • We love to customize. Let us know any special instructions in the Cart section at Checkout and we will make your BudgieBox extra thoughtful for you.
  • The BudgieBox may contain slightly different products than pictured. We have a growing network of wonderful Canadian small businesses so that we can always have special new products for people to discover. Be sure to include any special preferences your recipient has in the Special Instruction section and we will include those products for them to enjoy. 
  • Do you have a special request? Any size, any occasion. Just send us an email and we will take care of the rest!
    How Does Delivery Work?
    • Orders are shipped with Canada Post and typically arrive within 3-5 business days anywhere in Canada. 
    • You will receive a tracking # within 24 hours of your order for the most up-to-date information
    Can I Get a BudgieBox Customized For Someone With Dietary Restrictions or Fragrant Sensitivities?
    Of course! Enter any special request in the space provided in the Cart section and we will make sure any preferences are satisfied.