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Small Business Owner Spotlight

Andrea Loborec, Inkwell Cards

"Every Friday throughout elementary school my Mom would put a special note in my lunch which she affectionately called Friday love notes. Nothing brought me more joy on these days when I would open my lunch and see my Mom‘s handwriting on a cute card. I believe this is where my love of greeting cards began. Known amongst my family and friends as the one who sends cards for every occasion, and often for no reason at all, it came as no surprise when I started Inkwell Cards in 2017."

"I believe the epitome of thoughtfulness is sending or receiving a handwritten note. We see each other in our handwriting. Greeting cards can say what we sometimes can’t say in person, they can be a gesture of gratitude and appreciation. My goal with Inkwell Cards is to provide shops with high quality and thoughtful greeting cards so that individuals can spread messages of love, hope and kindness through handwritten notes. Inkwell Cards can be found in 1500 stores throughout Canada and the US and we have just recently started selling to shops in the UK."

One of Andrea's eco-friendly, unique, and high-quality Inkwell cards that support local artists are included with every BudgieBox. Support her by visiting:

Website:, Instagram: @Inkwell_Cards

Paul Bain, JusTea

"There is a Swahili saying commonly used in Kenya, “Pole Pole” which translates to “slowly slowly”. Whether used for the traffic jams, waiting for the power to come back on, or the pot to boil water for Chai, this saying also speaks to the process of developing JusTea, our direct-trade partnership with small-scale Kenyan tea farmers." JusTea co-founder Paul Bain shares with BudgieBox.

"My family and I first travelled from Vancouver to Kenya in 2011, and have since then made over 10 trips from Vancouver to Nandi Hills. Our business in Kenya is built on relationship and trust, we have found success with our farmers by first developing a strong family-like bond with them and then exploring unique market opportunities together.

We spent years simply researching the best methods to craft a new whole leaf, artisan tea from Kenya and these efforts culminated with the launch of our Purple Teas which won Product of the Year in BC. 

Purple Tea only grows in Kenya and is the healthiest loose leaf tea you can drink, containing more antioxidants than green tea and half the caffeine. With our Kenyan team, we have set up Kenya's first-ever farmer direct tea partnership. This Fair-Trade partnership has created over 200 jobs for tea pickers/farmers in Kenya. JusTea = Justly Made Tea"

Website:, Instagram: @JusTea

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